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Happiness in a Bottle
Made by quiet_graphix
Title: Happiness in a Bottle
Rating: T

Summary: Jake is happiness in a bottle, and there's someone who might just get addicted. Sweet, humorous fluff. J/B.

A/N: So, this is my parting gift to you guys - my last Twilight fic. Sadly, I am pretty much over Twilight - the more I think about it, the more disgusted with SMeyer and the whole series I become. My new and all-consuming addiction now is the TV series Supernatural, which I love;-) I hope you enjoy this little offering though, and I would love to hear your thoughts;-)

Happiness in a Bottle

Throughout the world, people are searching for happiness. Everywhere you look, this goal is promised, if you take this drug, buy these clothes, try this diet, follow that yellow brick road...

Isabella Swan, however, discovered happiness in a little place called La Push. She didn't find it an underhand way by shooting up some dubious powder, nor did she find it by becoming something she was not. She simply followed the yellow brick road and it took her to the doorstep of a boy called Jacob Black. A boy whom she had once jokingly dubbed 'Happiness in a Bottle'.

"They should bottle you up and sell you, Jake," she had laughingly said. "Take Jake twice daily and all your worries will disappear!"

He had laughed and winked at her roguishly, replying "Well, you can take me as many times as you want, Bells."

She remembered blushing and cheekily responding "Be careful, or I may just take you up on your offer..."

He had looked momentarily surprised and then his eyes had perceptibly darkened as a huge, mischievous grin spread on his face and leaning in he had whispered "I'm counting on it."

Bella smiled to herself as she remembered that conversation and all that had followed thereafter. Jacob Black truly was Happiness in a Bottle. Pure and unadulterated.

A/N: Reviews truly do make my day - I hope this was a nice parting gift:-)


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